How Do I Know He Is Interested Without Wondering and Seeming Needy?

Reader matter:

I’ve seen he a couple occasions in which he sends me pictures of himself (limited nude). He looks curious whenever we chat and Skype, but he never ever features time to really see me personally.

I really don’t desire to waste my time if he isn’t curious, but exactly how do i am aware without inquiring and seeming needy? We kind of like him.

-Lynn P. (Florida)

Professional’s Solution:

Hi Lynn,

I am fascinated as soon as you say you’ve ”seen” this person a couple of times. Do you really indicate physically or simply using the internet? Next you state, ”He seems curious as soon as we chat and Skype, but the guy never ever has time and energy to in fact see me personally.” For that reason, I’m going to believe the both of you haven’t met out in reality.

Why don’t we look at the opportunity that the man has already been attached – meaning they have a sweetheart or a spouse. Perhaps he’s bored within his connection and instead of actually cheating on his lover, he is psychologically cheating on the – with you. Does that noise possible?

I am simply thinking that if this guy ended up being carrying on an on-line commitment because he had been interested in having it blossom into a genuine union, won’t he did that right now?

My advice so is this: Stop driving your self insane and inquire he exactly what his motives are. If anything smells fishy, this may be most likely is.

All the best!


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